Civil Engineering Solution Ireland

Our resident Engineers along with numerous Civil construction and engineering firms endeavour to provide and deliver a full range of Civil services to our clients. With many years of industry experience, our team of professionals, having access to the required resources and connections, can meet the demands of any construction project big or small.

Our innovative ideas and value Civil engineering solutions have secured repeat business and increased our client portfolio year on year. We have the technical capacity, state-of-the-art plant and machinery, and skilled team to deliver results to the client on time and on budget. Construction formwork/shuttering is a construction method used on our civils projects. A temporary support is erected and used for moulding the concrete into a specific shape, after which concrete gains strength, hardens, and afterward matures.

It is used to hold the concrete together and give it the shape needed according to project requirements. We have created many bespoke concrete units using this method. We provide demolition and general disposal services if required on a project, along with Environmental Waste Management & Waste Streams, with a focus on the reuse, repurpose and recycling of those materials where possible. We have experience handling hazardous materials.

Civil Engineering and Construction

Concrete Works and Form Works